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25th October 2018
Sex after Heart Bypass Surgery

Sex after Heart Bypass Surgery

About bypass surgery Open-heart bypass surgery is a very traumatic operation. Your chest is opened and blood vessels are grafted from another part of the body, like the legs, to replace the damaged vessels in the heart. This means that the inside of one or both legs will be cut open from the knee down in search of healthy veins for the heart. The recovery from these surgical wounds, including the chest, are painful and slow. Processing this traumatic event may also take time, and for a while it will be difficult to move around. At this stage, sex will […]
15th October 2018
Obesity and Sex

Obesity and Sex

Weight and sexual performance When someone is extremely overweight, the sex life often suffers. Sexual desire, performance, enjoyment, and self-esteem can take a nosedive. Many folk feel so bad about it that some try and avoid sex altogether. There are several ways an increase in weight can lead to negative changes in the bedroom. The changes however, while affecting both men and women, are difference for each sex. Men. As far as men go, experts at the Obesity Action Coalition maintain that sexual dysfunction is a side effect of obesity. Many obese men may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to […]
10th October 2018
Menopause does not mean that your sex life is over

Menopause does not mean that your sex life is over

What is menopause? Simply put, menopause begins when the ovaries gradually slow down the production of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. This is effectively the beginning of the end of the menstrual cycle. Most women start menopause around 45 to 50 years of age, and goes on for several years. When menstruation stops, it does not mean that menopause is actually over. Many women are disturbed by the changes taking place in the body which include hot flushes, unusual weight gain, depression and anxiety. Menopause happens in the life of every woman, and many anticipate its arrival with dread […]
5th October 2018
Zinc is vital for your sexual health and fertility

Zinc is vital for your sexual health – and fertility

What exactly is zinc? Zinc is a mineral that is helpful to the system in several ways. Zinc helps to build strong bones, and keeps the immune system strong. Zinc is found in many parts of the body, mostly in the skeletal muscles and bones, as well as in organs such as kidneys, pancreas, liver, prostate and testes. Testosterone is produced in the testes, and low levels of zinc impact negatively on   testosterone levels, which in turn affects libido and good sexual function. How does zinc affect sexual function? When trying to conceive, providing the body with proper nutrients is […]
28th September 2018
Low libido in men

Low Libido – more common than you may think!

Low libido in men Low libido describes a decreased interest in sexual activity. Unless there are underlying reasons, men generally notice a difference in their libido around the ages of 60 to 65. It can rear its irksome head suddenly, or gradually creep into a man’s life. A man and his partner who have enjoyed a good sexual relationship, will both be distressed if the problem arises. A recent survey conducted showed that men have sex for various reasons. Some of the replies include: It feels good It’s fun I wanted the physical pleasure and physical gratification I wanted to […]

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11th February 2014

What to eat if you have Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, then try reliable Erectile Dysfunction pills, eat healthily and exercise regularly.
11th February 2014

Keeping fit: how yoga and pilates exercises can improve your sex life

While erectile dysfunction pills may provide a physical arousal, the improved sense of intimacy that you will begin to feel as a result of your focused attention will improve your sex life on an emotional level as well.
11th February 2014

Food for better sex

Research has shown that fast foods and a lack of vitamins can lead to a rapid decline in female libido, resulting in numerous intimacy issues between couples.
11th February 2014

Foods to boost your sex-life

Each item on the list can serve as complimentary foods to libido enhancers, helping you keep the fire alive.
11th February 2014

How to boost female libido

Men may need erectile dysfunction pills, but often women also need a libido stimulant.
11th February 2014

Honesty about erectile dysfunction is the best policy

One of the most common problems found in men of all ages is erectile dysfunction.
11th February 2014

Trust exercises for couples

Trust is important in any relationship as it means that you can be open and honest about any issue from erectile dysfunction to selecting bathroom tiles.
11th February 2014

5 ways to raise the passion in your bedroom

Looking for a natural, safe way to revive your lost libido? Try these five natural remedies.
11th February 2014

low sex drive and libido in women – and how can Virekta Help

What's the reason(s) behind the dip in your sex drive? Find out here.
12th February 2014

Erectile Dysfunction – help is just a click away

Help for erectile dysfunction With modern stresses and demands, erectile dysfunction is an issue faced by men all over the world. The numbers of men who have to deal with this difficult issue are steadily increasing. The good news is that if this is an issue you face, you are not alone and there are viable solutions. Herbal Remedies International knows that this no longer needs to be an issue for anyone because they have developed a 100% safe and natural supplement that can help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Not only do Herbal Remedies International products assist […]
12th February 2014

Premature Ejaculation – take back control, naturally

It’s time to take back your sex life, the natural way! You know that you are meant to be a strong sexual man, so why not take the control of your sex life back – no more erection problems and no more premature ejaculation. An embarrassing condition While growing older can contribute to the loss of quality erections and a decrease in sexual energy, no man wants to experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, no matter what age he is. That said, there are more than 30 million males in the USA alone who are experiencing these problems. What makes […]
17th February 2014

Natural Male Enhancement Products

Choose safe male enhancement products Male enhancement products are becoming more and more popular as erectile dysfunction becomes more and more prevalent throughout the world. With the everyday anxieties that come with modern living, more men are suffering from debilitating erectile conditions. There are many male enhancement products out there but it is important for men to choose a safe and reliable product that will provide effective results without the unwanted side effects. This is where Herbal Remedies International products excel – they offer a supplements that are 100% safe and natural and promise to deliver results for men who […]