virekta female super active
Virekta (F) Super Active
19th March 2015
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GoGirl Spray
8th July 2015
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Virekta Super Active


Virekta Super Active works within 30 minutes of taking one pill and lasts for between 24 and 72 hours, giving you multiple erections and orgasms!  No side effects! Drive your partner wild with this powerful herbal pill which in addition to giving you stronger erections will increase your stamina and endurance. Become the real sexual man you were meant to be and win the love and admiration of your lover. No man will ever be able to satisfy her like the Virekta Super Active man.


 Virekta Super Active will remedy erectile dysfunction and provide you with  the extra stamina and endurance to drive your partner wild with multiple orgasms. One pill works within 30 minutes of taking it and the effects remain active in your body for 24 to 72 hours which means that within this time period you can have multiple erections and multiple orgasms. Virekta Super Active contains no chemical substances and is 100% herbal, completely safe for diabetics and hypertensives and has no side couple

As with every item available from Herbal Remedies, Virekta Super Active has been tested and is 100% safe for use and comes with our 100% money-back guarantee. The prices below do NOT include the delivery charge.

 1×6=6 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R220.00 Cost per capsule R36.66
2×6=12 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R352.00 Cost per capsule R29.33
3×6=18 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R495.00 Cost per capsule R27.50
4×6=24 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R616.00 Cost per capsule R25.67
5×6=30 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R715.00 Cost per capsule R23.83
6×6=36 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R792.00 Cost per capsule R22.00
7×6=42 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R847.00 Cost per capsule R20.17
8×6=48 VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE CAPSULES R880.00 Cost per capsule R18.33





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  • virekta female super active

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