10th January 2018
Surprising Symptoms of High Estrogen Levels in Men

Surprising Symptoms of High Estrogen Levels in Men

Men also need estrogen Although estrogen is essentially a female hormone, men manufacture a certain amount of the hormone, which have certain important health benefits. Estrogen […]
5th January 2018
Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

It makes the world go round Sex, money, and food, keep the world turning. But research has shown that the greatest of these is sex! There […]
8th December 2017
Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work

Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

What are aphrodisiacs? Aphrodisiacs are items of food which are reputed to ramp up sexual desire and libido. Since ancient times, humans have long been on […]
7th December 2017
Myths about Pubic Lice

Myths about Pubic Lice

What are pubic lice? Pubic lice, also known as genital lice, or crabs because of their crab-like shape, are minute parasites found in the pubic and […]
6th December 2017

How Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Too tired for sex? There is growing evidence that a lack of decent sleep affects the sexuality of both men and women. Women married to high-profile, […]
5th December 2017
Is Your Body Image Affecting Your Sex Life

Is Your Body Image Affecting Your Sex Life?

You are not alone! If you have ever felt so conscious about your body that you purposefully avoided sex, don’t worry – you are not alone. […]
10th November 2017
Women also need testosterone

Six Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Women also need testosterone Testosterone is a hormone that is usually considered to be a vital male hormone. However, not many folk know that testosterone is […]
6th November 2017
Hormones That Affect Sexuality

Hormones That Affect Sexuality

Necessary for life Hormones are vital for sustaining life, and they play a role in the function of every part of the body. Many of the […]
5th November 2017
Testing For Genital Herpes

Testing For Genital Herpes – Not As Simple As It Seems!

Getting tested for genital herpes There are 2 types of herpes viruses, HSV 1, manifested in the facial area around the mouth and nose, and the […]
4th November 2017
Is Your Sex Life Aging Well

Is Your Sex Life Aging Well?

Does sex take a nosedive as you grow older? A recent survey conducted among men and women over the age of 50, do not all agree […]