15th November 2018
What is orchitis

All about Orchitis

What is orchitis? Orchitis is best described as a painful inflammation of the testicles. Both testicles may be affected at the same time, but the symptoms usually occur in just one. The condition can be caused by either bacteria, or a virus. In the beginning, orchitis causes a localized area of pain and swelling in the testicle, with the infection spreading to engulf the entire testicle, as well as the other testicle, and groin area. Pain in the testes and groin area is the main symptom of orchitis, but there are other issues which may point to the condition: Tenderness […]
10th November 2018
Torsion of the Testes

Torsion of the Testes

What is testicular torsion? Men have two testicles that are contained inside a sac known as the scrotum, which support and protect the testicles. There is a cord-like structure, known as the spermatic cord, which contains the testicular artery that carries blood to the testes. Torsion of the testes happens when this cord twists, cutting off most of the blood to the affected testicle, and as a result the tissues in the testicle may begin to die. This is a serious and extremely painful condition, which needs immediate medical attention. According to studies conducted by the American Urological Association, it […]
5th November 2018
Possible Complications after a Vasectomy

Possible Complications after a Vasectomy

About a vasectomy A vasectomy is a procedure that cuts and seals the tubes that carry sperm which is included in a man’s ejaculation (seminal) fluid. It is a popular method of birth control which prevents a woman from falling pregnant, without having to resort to oral contraceptives, which often have a range of dangerous side effects. This is usually a safe procedure which is often performed in a doctor’s office. While the risk of complications is low, and mostly clear up on their own, more serious issues could be in need of a doctor’s attention. Although there are potential […]
25th October 2018
Sex after Heart Bypass Surgery

Sex after Heart Bypass Surgery

About bypass surgery Open-heart bypass surgery is a very traumatic operation. Your chest is opened and blood vessels are grafted from another part of the body, like the legs, to replace the damaged vessels in the heart. This means that the inside of one or both legs will be cut open from the knee down in search of healthy veins for the heart. The recovery from these surgical wounds, including the chest, are painful and slow. Processing this traumatic event may also take time, and for a while it will be difficult to move around. At this stage, sex will […]
15th October 2018
Obesity and Sex

Obesity and Sex

Weight and sexual performance When someone is extremely overweight, the sex life often suffers. Sexual desire, performance, enjoyment, and self-esteem can take a nosedive. Many folk feel so bad about it that some try and avoid sex altogether. There are several ways an increase in weight can lead to negative changes in the bedroom. The changes however, while affecting both men and women, are difference for each sex. Men. As far as men go, experts at the Obesity Action Coalition maintain that sexual dysfunction is a side effect of obesity. Many obese men may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to […]

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7th February 2017
Facts about impotence

Impotence – Fight Fear With facts!

Psychological causes which impact negatively on impotence Men have a lot of fears about impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED.) Research has shown that psychological factors are responsible for about 15% of all cases of impotence, or ED. In some instances it was also noted that the psychological effects of ED may date back to possible childhood abuse, and other related sexual traumas. Men whose impotence is caused by emotional problems may need therapy to help them deal with the psychological issues. Here are some of the more common psychological causes of ED: Stress, whether it be job related, financial, or […]
25th April 2017
The Truth about Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

The Truth about Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

Hassles in the bedroom are more common than you think Although sexual dysfunction is often linked to men, perhaps because women are inclined to be more tight-lipped about their problems, both men and women experience equal sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction can take many forms. It is not limited to erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, or low libido. There are, however, several other areas that are determined to be common sexual problems in both men and women. The good news is that the majority of the problematic issues, such as erectile dysfunction and low libido, can be successfully treated after the root […]
28th September 2017
Sex myths

Sex Myths That Could Affect Your Sex Life

The birds and the bees Sex education is no longer about the birds and the bees, and there is no longer any shame about sexual feelings. Whether you are dating, single, divorced, or have been part of a committed couple for many years, there are still things you can learn about sexuality and desire. Unfortunately, some people bring old stories they have heard when much younger, into their relationships without knowing the true facts. Doctors often hear these sex myths from both men and women who have misconceptions about sexuality. Sadly, they may be missing out on a rewarding, satisfying […]
28th September 2017
sex can kill a marriage

How Sex Can Kill a Marriage

Can sex kill a marriage? Yes – absolutely! Many married couples struggle with sexual issues in the bedroom. Studies have shown that happy couples rank sex on the same basis as loyalty, commitment, and communication. Problems in the bedroom have dashed many relationships onto the rocks, some with very little chance of recovery. A marital sex problem is a major warning sign that grave danger may lie ahead. Some alarm bells for you to look out for If you are battling with sexual issues in your marriage, here are some areas of concern for you to take note of: Your […]
28th September 2017
Misconceptions about Erectile Dysfunction

Misconceptions about Erectile Dysfunction

More common than you think Erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to get or keep an erection, is far more common than you think. Many men may experience difficulty at some time during life, but when it is ongoing, it is liable to cause problems in relationships, and major self-confidence issues. Because men believe that ED impacts directly on their manhood, it is not an easy subject for them to talk about. This has led to many misconceptions and myths regarding ED which still exist, even in our modern, enlightened day. Here are some of the more well-known myths about erectile […]
12th October 2017
Herpes - do I have to tell them

Don’t Keep Your Herpes Status a Secret from Your Partner

A must tell! If you have been diagnosed with HSV-2, or genital herpes, and are perhaps starting a new relationship, or maybe already in a relationship, telling your partner about your status, is something you absolutely need to do. If you don’t, and it comes out at a later stage when he or she is infected, the recriminations and subsequent results to your relationship might be devastating at best. Coming clean about the genital herpes may be embarrassing, but if you have the right attitude and are taking steps to deal with the problem, it will definitely help and be […]
13th October 2017
How Normal is Your Sex Drive

How Normal is Your Sex Drive?

You may be wondering about your sex drive! There is no stereotype when it comes to sex drive, and everyone has different ideas about his or her sex drive. Research certainly backs up the opinion that men think about sex more often than women do, and will go out of their way to get sex, more often than women do. Not everyone will agree with this idea, and many folk have questions about the nitty-gritty of sex drive in general. This led to surveys being conducted to give people some of the answers they may looking for. Survey questions and […]
4th November 2017
Is Your Sex Life Aging Well

Is Your Sex Life Aging Well?

Does sex take a nosedive as you grow older? A recent survey conducted among men and women over the age of 50, do not all agree that it does. In fact many say that sex has actually got better as they have aged. The survey also indicated that the sex lives of the older people have benefited from more experience and sexual confidence, as well as long-term relationships which have matured to a higher level of love and intimacy. As you grow older, it is normal to want less sex. This is true for men and women, and some of […]
5th December 2017
Is Your Body Image Affecting Your Sex Life

Is Your Body Image Affecting Your Sex Life?

You are not alone! If you have ever felt so conscious about your body that you purposefully avoided sex, don’t worry – you are not alone. Researchers have noted that the so-called appearance anxiety affects countless men and women in the bedroom. If you feel you are just not sexy enough to please your partner, you may be harbouring a poor body image which is linked to low self-esteem. A woman may be overly concerned about her breast size, while a man may have feelings of inadequacy because he believes his penis is too small. Being over self-conscious and dissatisfied […]
6th December 2017

How Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Too tired for sex? There is growing evidence that a lack of decent sleep affects the sexuality of both men and women. Women married to high-profile, workaholic men, often take strain in the bedroom because husbands are either too tired, or unable to perform, due to poor sleep habits. Studies have also revealed that being tired is the most common reason women give to avoid having sex. In the past, the white lie of a headache or migraine, was the main reason. Feeling tired, though, may be the truth, especially in the case of women who have sleep problems. There […]
5th January 2018
Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

It makes the world go round Sex, money, and food, keep the world turning. But research has shown that the greatest of these is sex! There are many different kinds of sexual problems which keep the doctors and therapists extremely busy trying to sort out a host of very personal, troubling issues. However, doctor’s visits, or trips to the therapist, is only the tip of the iceberg, as many folk are embarrassed by sexual hassles, and live in hope that the problem will just go away. If you are one of the shy ones, here is a list of bad […]
5th March 2018
Health Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Regularly

Health Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Regularly

Not only for enjoyment! When most people think about sex, they usually associate it with pleasure and enjoyment. Of course this is a major reason for indulging in a sexual encounter, which is made even more enjoyable when it takes place between loving couples. Up-to-date research has now indicated that in addition to enjoyment, sex has been linked to several health benefits for both men and women. Note however, that this applies to the actual sex act with a partner, and not masturbation! Some of the ways sex can benefit your health Here are a few of the health advantages […]