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I have been recommending your products to both my male and female patients

I would like to let you know that it is now more than five years that I have been recommending your products to both my male and female patients. The feedback I have had from them has convinced me that your natural, herbal remedies are a safer alternative to the chemical drugs which most doctors seem to prescribe. My patients never complain of side effects and they are more than happy with the results.

Virekta is far cheaper when compared with well known prescription drugs

I only recommend Virekta to my male patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Virekta is far cheaper when compared with the prices of the well known prescription drugs and my patients have found it to be as effective. They don’t complain of the side effects experienced with the prescribed pills. I have now recommended Virekta to well over 100 of my male patients and the feedback I have had from them is that they are very satisfied with the results and will continue to use Virekta.


“BEST NATURAL MALE LIBIDO ENHANCER ON THE SOUTH AFRICAN MARKET” In an independent survey conducted by a reputable South African market research company in May, 2014 over 3000 men between the ages of 45 and 70, who have used a Virekta product and AT LEAST 5 other natural libido enhancers were asked which product in their experience was the best on the South African market. A massive 65% chose Virekta and the remaining 35% chose one of the other 5 or more products they had used. The product which was rated second only scored 9% even though as many participants had used this product when compared to the number of Virekta users. The participants were not aware on whose behalf the survey was being conducted and they were not offered anything for their participation in the survey.

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Walter, Windhoek, Namibia

Every time I had sex I would come within a minute or two and this was both embarrassing and very frustrating. My girlfriend reached the stage where she no longer wanted to sleep with me because of my problem with premature ejaculation. I suffered from this for more than two years and tried numerous products which did not help. Then one day I came across your website and ordered your Virekta Delay pills and the Stud 100 Delay Spray. After taking the pills for only a week I had a date with my new girlfriend and I used the Delay Spray as well as taking one Virekta Delay pill. This worked, beyond my wildest dreams, and I was able to last for about ten minutes. My girlfriend had about 4 or 5 orgasms and we were both left happy and satisfied. Since that time I have continued taking the Virekta Delay pills and using the Stud 100 Delay Spray and my premature ejaculation problem has been solved. Thank you Herbal Remedies!

Ernest, Benoni

After suffering from premature ejaculation for a number of years and having tried numerous products without any success, finally I have solved this frustrating problem. It was affecting my marriage and my wife was most unhappy as I was never able to last long enough for her to have an orgasm. Now at last, I have found the answer to my problem! I have been using Stud 100 Delay Spray for the past month and my love life has changed very dramatically. Using this spray, I can last for more than 20 minutes and my wife is able to have a number of orgasms. Thank you very much for this wonderful product. Stud 100 Delay Spray has saved my marriage!

M.A. Midrand

I have just placed another order for Virekta Super Active in preparation for a two week honeymoon getaway. I placed a six month supply of Virekta Plus last year. Then aged 38 I noticed that my libido had dropped in a serious way and that I was not satisfying my woman. After starting the treatment, I got my libido back where it used to be  when I was in my twenties. May I also add that it was not a problem to regain my erection after ejaculating. My recovery period improved from one hour plus to less than ten minutes.

I am a stud once again and I can make love to my woman until she begs me to stop. Sometimes she says that I want to kill her  by giving her all these multiple orgasms. My energy is too much for her these days, especially when I take Virekta Super Active.

I am not only thanking you for bringing back my mojo, but there is something else that your pills have cured. I used to have this nasty rash, called jock itch, which I picked up in 1999 when I was overseas. No medication could help me with this damn rash. Virekta Plus dealt that rash a deadly blow! It’s gone! And the erectile dysfunction has gone too!  Thank you Herbal Remedies International!

AB Johannesburg

I just want to let you know that I received my Virekta Enhance pills yesterday and took one at about 7.00PM last night. WOW! At around 9.00PM it felt like I had a steel rod in my penis and it even looked bigger (probably mind over matter), but the erection was super strong! I don’t know what is in those pills, but WOW, they are worth every cent and I am quite excited to see myself in 6 months’ time. I am very happy with the Virekta products and as you know I buy the Virekta(F) for my wife and she too is delighted with this product. As far as we are concerned Virekta is No. 1! Once again thanks a mill for chaging our lives.

Marius, Nelspruit

Before using your products I used to buy these cheap and nasty Chinese pills and every single one of them gave me bad side effects. I used to get headaches, nausea, flushed face, sweating and palpitations. The side effects were really bad. Then I came across your products on the internet and since I have been taking them I have not experienced any side effects at all. Your products are also far more effective than those Chinese ones that I used to take. Thanks for great herbal products without any side effects! I now regularly take Virekta Plus and Virekta Super Active and this combination is powerful. Just ask my girlfriend!

Mrs P.R.H. Bloemfontein

It is now my second month that I am taking Virekta(F) and I just want to let you know how much your product has changed my sex life. Before taking Virekta(F) I had no libido whatsoever and had no interest in making love with my husband. Needless to say this caused lots of fights and unpleasantness. My husband was even threatening to divorce me. Now I look forward to our love making and I think I even enjoy it more than he does. Some nights he is the one who complains that he has got a headache! My sex life transformation is like a miracle. Thank you so much!

JLM, Pretoria

My girlfriend says that I should be a porn star. For years I was embarrassed whenever anyone saw my penis because it wasnt very big. Then my girlfriend ordered Virekta Enhance for me and it is now 8 months that I have been taking it. Both the length and the thickness have increased considerably and this is why my girlfriend says I should become a porn star! I am continuing to take Virekta Enhance every day as I would still like to increase the size of my penis. I should have taken a before and now an after photo of it to show you how much bigger it is now.

Michael, Somerset West

Let me start by telling you that I am 75 years old and have been happily married for the past 50 years, but about four years ago I could no longer get an erection strong enough to have intercourse with my dear wife. Finally I gave up on my love life or rather my love life had given up on me! Then a few months ago I came across your website and decided to give it one more go. I ordered your Virekta Enhance and Virekta Super Active. Miraculous! Life returned to my old penis again. I get a good strong erection which lasts and my wife and I make love at least twice a week. Thank you for bringing my love life back again! My wife says to give you her thanks as well!

James, Bellville

It is now four months that I have been taking Virekta Enhance on a daily basis and this has transformed my sex life. Now I am always able to get a good strong erection when I want to and it is like it used to be many years ago when I was much younger. I have also noticed a significant increase in both the length and thickness of my penis. This is giving my wife a lot more satisfaction as well as multiple orgasms which she had never had before. I do not suffer any side effects and I really can highly recommend Virekta Enhance to any man who wants to be like a young bull again!

JJ, Port Elizabeth

My wife is now busy with her second month of taking Virekta (F) and I must say that I see a huge difference in her. There has been a fantastic improvement in our sex life. Previously she didn’t have any sexual feelings at all and one time she even cried after I had enjoyed myself. It was then that I decided to order Virekta (F). Within a week’s use, her sensitivity returned and she started enjoying sex. After about 3 weeks, she had an incredible orgasm for the first time in over a year. Now every time we make love it is better and better. It is so satisfying to see that she actually enjoys.making love with me. Thank you for a wonderful product!

William, Hermanus

As a man of 74 I had given up all hope of ever having sex again in my life. My wife passed away 5 years ago and then a few months ago I met a lovely lady of 70 and we fell in love. On one occasion I tried to make love to her, but my erection wasn’t strong enough and I did not succeeed to penetrate her. Then I found your website and ordered Virekta Enhance and Virekta Plus. I have been taking these pills daily for just over two months and last week-end my sweetheart and I made love again. This time my erection was big and strong and it was wonderful. I don’t know who was more surprised. She or I? Virekta Enhance and Virekta Plus has given me and my sweetheart a new lease on life and we would both like to thank you most sincerely!

Johan, Nelspruit

My wife ordered Virekta Enhance capsules because I couldn’t get a strong enough erection to make love to her and she was getting very upset about this. Now I take one capsule about 20 minutes before sex and I get a very strong erection which lasts. On the container it says to take one capsule a day, but I preferred to only take a capsule when my wife and I are going to have sex. This works perfectly for me and I must add that it also works perfectly for my wife. Now she walks around with a big smile on her face!

Mrs R.J. Bellville

Until I starting taking your Virekta(F) Super Active tablets, I had never had an orgasm in my life! I am 45 years old and have been married for over 20 years. I used to fake orgasms to please my husband and he never knew that it was all an act. Now I have multiple orgasms and it is absolutely fantastic. What a waste all those times were when I just never could climax. Now I can’t get enough love making and I think my husband believes it is all because of something he is doing. He does not know that I am taking Virekta(F) Super Active.Thank you for transforming my love life!

RPN, Pinetown

I am a diabetic and I have high blood pressure and take medication for both. I have suffered from erectile dysfunction for a long time and my doctor advised me against  taking any precription pills,because of my high blood pressure. Virekta Super Active has solved my ED problems and it does not affect my blood pressure and does not have any side effects. I can highly recommend Virekta Super Active to any man with health problems similar to mine. Prior to using Virekta Super Active, I had tried many products which either had bad side effects or did not work or in many cases had side effects and  did not work.

PR, George

It is now more than six months that I have been takng your Virekta Super Active tablets and my love life has never been this good! One tablet gives me THREE nights of multiple erections and multiple orgasms for both my girlfriend and myself! I am now recommending Virekta Super Active to all my friends. My girlfriend and i would like to thank you for all you have done for us!

TBK Dobsonville, Soweto

I have been taking your Virekta Plus every day for the past three months and now I am feeling the full effects of this remedy. I no longer suffer from ED and I can also last much longer. I have more sexual stamina and even my blood sugar levels have stabilised as I am a diabetic. My wife thinks that I am a new man as our love life is fantastic. Thank you very much!

Achmad, Johannesburg

For years I suffered from premature ejaculation. It took less than 30 seconds and it was all over. My old lady complained bitterly and I just about tried everything on the market, but nothing helped. That  was until I bought your Virekta Plus and Virekta Super Active. The combination of the two works like magic! Now I can go for 15minutes and longer and I can satisfy the old lady who no longer complains. This stuff of yours is really magical!

Mrs M vd M, Sasolburg

When I read about your Virekta(F) Super Active, I did not believe that it could do what you said. I have now been using it for over a month and it has transformed my sex life. I used to dread it when my husband wanted to make love. Now I look forward to it and I believe that I enjoy our love making more than he does. He can’t believe the change in me! Thank you!

L.R. Boksburg

My wife had a very low libido and as a result she was never interested in sex. This led to many arguments in our marriage and at times it seemed that the only solution to this problem was divorce. Then I found your website and ordered Virekta(F) and Virekta(F) Super Active for my wife. Today she is a completely different woman and now she is the one who usually initiates our love making. She genuinely enjoys it and we now make love at least two or three times a week, whereas previously it was about two or three times a month!

Mrs JvR, Pretoria

I have just started using your Virekta F Super Active and I must tell you that this remedy has dramatically changed my life. My husband was always moaning at me that I never wanted to make love and he was right. Now, I take one Virekta(F) Super Active capsule half an hour before and I promise you that I have never had so many orgasms before and I could carry on all night. Now I am the one that’s moaning!

Mrs Van, Krugersdorp

Over the last few years I must have tried at least twenty different makes of female libido pills and none of them worked, until I bought your new super strength Virekta(F). After only three days of taking Virekta(F) I was very aroused and that night my husband didn’t know who he was in bed with. After years of not enjoying sex, suddenly I couldn’t get enough. Now we do it every night and at times my poor husband has to try the old headache story. The one I used to use on him! I just want to thank you for helping me discover the real sexual woman that had been hidden in me for so long.

André, Stellenbosch

I am a diabetic and as a result of my ilness I was not able to get a proper erection, until I started using Virekta Plus with Virekta Super Active. I take two Virekta plus capsules a day and one Virekta Super Active capsule two hours before love-making. This combination gives me a strong erection every time and after many years of suffering from erectile dysfunction, at last my wife and I are able to enjoy love making again. Thank you herbal remedies!

Moses J.M. Dobsonville

What I have found is that many so-called herbal libido products contain the same chemicals as found in ED pills and this is not only illegal, but these products have serious side effects. I must tell you that I have found your products to work very well and they do not have any side effects, because they obviously don’t contain these illegal chemicals. Your Virekta Super Active is truly a 100% herbal. My wife says I must tell you how happy she is.

Neville B. Milnerton, CapeTown

I have tried many pills that my doctor recommended. But, I found the side effects were very bad so I stopped taking them. Recently I found your website on the internet and because your products are natural, herbal ones without side effects, I bought your Virekta Plus and Virekta Super Active. I take two Virekta Plus capsules a day and one Virekta Super Active capsule before having sex. Thiscombination has worked extremely well and I no longer suffering from ED and these capsules don’t have any side effects. By the way, I am a man of 75 with high blood pressure and cholesterol and take pills for these ailments.

Xolani B. East London

“After using Size Up for only three months I saw a big increase in both the length and thickness of my penis. I was absolutely amazed at how much my penis had grown in such a short space of time. I think my girlfriend was even more impressed and she told me that she could feel the difference when we made love. I had previously tried various methods, but none of them worked. I was about to give up any hope of enlarging my penis when a friend told me about Size Up. Now I am very proud of the size of my penis and I am continuing to use Size Up so that I can enlarge it even more. Thank you Herbal Remedies!

Johan W. Secunda

My wife could not believe how much my penis had grown in only 3 months. She had always complained that it was not big enough to satisfy her and now you must hear how much she loves my bigger penis. A friend of mine told me about your Size Up which he had been using for a few months and after listening to how happy he was with the results, I decided to order it as well. I can highly recommend Size Up to any man who wants a longer and thicker penis. Size Up really works. Just ask my wife!

Love life

I’m a 47 year old man, with my stressful work, me and my wife’s love life was going down the drain and I realized that I had to do something to aid me.  I have searched the internet and used products from Taiwan to India, even viagra at a time with some real bad side effects. A year ago I stumbled upon Herbal Remedies on the internet. I decided what can I lose and ordered 2 bottles of Virekta Super Active. O boy what a change it brought into my bedroom. Wife is like a school girl, all giggles and smiles and overload me with kisses and love. This stuff is amazing.


Erectile dysfunction problems

I am a 60 year old male. My erectile dysfunction problems are no more. Thanks to VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE.  It has made me a new man in bed. I am now proud of my erections and am able to enjoy sexual pleasure like I did 20 years ago. My partner really enjoys the new me and is satisfied sexually. I recommend this product as it is herbal and has no side effects

Virekta super active capsule

Nothing is like virekta super active capsule. It is the product I have used with amazing results. I am elderly at 56 years and erectile dysfunction was a challenge. I have tried some chemical products which left me feeling dizzy, nausea and with a headache. I am happy to announce that I have found a genuine product in virekta super active pill. It has definitely spiced up my sexual performance and my wife notices it. Thank you Herbal International. I still have lots of other products to try from you.


Safe Usage after Heart Surgery


I am 57 and have had heart by pass surgery and am diabetic. The tablets I take for these conditions all reflect the side effect “impotence”.

I have used other herbal products for ED before with not much success and resorted to Doctors pescriptions for chemical products like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra which work but the side effects are terrible.

I stumbled on your site whilst looking for other herb products for Diabetic Neuropathy, I was inquisitive to say the least and decided what the hell I’m going to give your Virekta Super Active a chance.

I tried the Virekta Super Active a number of times and am pleased to say that they work VERY well, and they have zero side effects.

I would recommend them to anyone of any age suffering from ED.


Hendrik, Langebaan

” Four months ago I started using Size Up because I was not happy with the size of my penis and nor were any of my girlfriends. I am absolutely amazed at how much my penis has grown over these four months. It is now much bigger in both length and thickness and my current girlfriend is highly impressed with my size. I stuck to the recommended dosage of 3 pills a day, as well as using the massage gel every day and doing the exercises on the DVD. I am going to continue for the next two months and then stop, because I think by then I will have reached the perfect size. I can highly recommend Size Up to a any man who wants to increase the size of his penis permanently. Thank you Herbal Remedies!”

Lynette B. Bryanston, Johannesburg

Let me tell you about my experience using your Virekta(F) and your Virekta(F) Super Active. It is now just over 3 months that I have been taking these pills and my poor hubby is having great difficulty satisfying my sexual appetite. When it was non-existent, he was always moaning about my lack of desire and now the bugger is moaning because I want him every night and he can’t keep up with me! Virekta(F) took over 2 months before I started to feel the difference. Virekta(F) Super Active worked like a bomb the very first time I took one pill. That night I must have had more than 10 orgasms. I lost count of the exact number. Wow! My old man didn’t know what had hit him, because I never told him about your pills. Now, can I trade in my 47 year old for 2 in their early 20’s?

Sharon, Durban

After years of faking my orgasms, I finally found the answer in Go Girl spray which I bought from you a month ago. In the past month I have had more orgasms than in my entire life prior to using Go Girl and I am now 38 years old. My boyfriends and then two husbands never knew that I never experienced a climax. I made all the right sounds and actions and they all thought what fantastic lovers they were. Little did they know that they had very little to do with my orgasms and that finally I had found the best “lover” in Go Girl spray. Thanks a million!

Robert, Centurion

For the past 3 years I had a major problem with early ejaculation and it got so bad that I no longer wanted to make love to my wife. She was most unhappy about this and we had numerous fights and arguments and it looked as though we were heading for a divorce. Then a friend told me about Stud 100 Delay Spray which I ordered from you two months ago and now our love life is back to normal. I no longer suffer from premature ejaculation. I am also taking Virekta Super Active and the combination of the spray and this pill enables me to last long enough to give my wife multiple orgasms. We’re no longer fighting and both of us would like to thank you for having saved our marriage.

Charles. Klerksdorp

I am using your Virekta Delay and your Stud 100 Delay Spray for my premature ejaculation. Since using these two products I no longer have this problem and now I can last as long as I want to and my girlfriend is having multiple orgasms. Before using your products I would come in less than a minute and my girlfriend was very frustrated and angry as she never had an orgasm. It ended up that we were having sex maybe once or twice a month. Now we have sex at least three or four times a week and both of us would like to thank you most sincerely for improving our sex lives!

Vanessa Weltevreden Park

I was never in the mood for love-making and my husband was always getting angry with me and even threatening to divorce me. He even accused me of having an affair, as he could not understand that I just had no interest in love making. A friend of mind told me about your Enviga MoodEnhance which she had used. It is now two months since I have been taking this product and I feel like a different person. I am calmer, happier and now I have even begun to enjoy sex. I think that before I was so stressed and anxious about something or other, that the last thing on my mind was making love. My husband can’t quite believe how I have changed because of the Enviga MoodEnhance pills that I take twice a day. I have now recommended your product to a friend of mine who has a similar problem. She has only been taking the pills for about two weeks and says that she is already beginning to feel better.

Pamela Table View

I think I must have tried at least 20 different diet remedies on the market and not a single one worked for me. It was just a waste of time and money and I was beginning to doubt that I would ever lose weight. Then I heard about Enviga NatureSlim, a natural appetite suppressant. In desperation I bought it and have been taking it for 3 months now and have lost over 10 kilos! I do watch what I eat and am eating less, but I am never hungry and whereas before I would get these cravings for food and would end up stuffing myself, this isn’t happening since I have been on Enviga NatureSlim. I am so proud of myself and so is my hubby and kids. I plan to lose at least another 10 kilos over the next 3 months. I am looking and feeling so much better for having lost this weight and it was so easy that I still can’t quite believe that finally I have found a remedy that really works.

Thabiso Soweto

Size Up has worked like magic for me and now I am very proud of my penis which is at least 30% bigger and thicker than it used to be. I had a very serious problem because my penis was rather small and it made me feel inferior. After using your Size Up for only 3 months, I have a penis that any man would be proud of. Not only am I very happy with the results, but so is my girlfriend who wants me to make love to her every night and I am more than willing to oblige. I am continuing to use Size Up for another few months as I want to make my penis even bigger and then I will stop. Your product is the only one that has really done what you claimed it would do.

Dumisane, Soweto

I had tried these pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which my doctor prescribed, but none of them really worked for me and they all had bad side effects. Then a friend told me about Virekta Super Active which I did not think would help as these other pills did nothing for me. My wife was getting very frustrated and angry because I was not able to get a proper erection and could not satisfy her. In desperation I bought Virekta Super Active and I must tell you that these pills gave me strong, lasting erections. I was able to satisfy my wife and now she is very happy. We make love at least 3 or 4 times a week and I can go for 3 rounds which even in my younger days I was never able to do. I can honestly recommend Virekta Super Active to any man who has erection problems. Also I  did not experience any side effects at all, not like those other pills.

Moses, Polokwane

I suffered badly from erectile dysfunction and I tried all kinds of pills like these ones from China. They did not help so I went to see a doctor who referred me to a urologist and he did numerous blood tests. He told me that my testosterone was very low and he said I would need to get injections which cost over R1,000 each. I could not afford these as my medical aid would not pay for them. On the internet I found a product Enviga TestoBoost, a natural herbal remedy. I took 4 of these pills every day for six months and then went back to the urologist who did more blood tests. My testosterone level was back to normal and so was my sex life. Now I don’t suffer from erectile problems anymore, but I am continuing to take Enviga TestoBoost on a daily basis. I lead a very active sex life and I am able to do so because of the TestoBoost pills I take. Thank you Herbal Remedies for your wonderful product which has chaged my life!

John, Pretoria

After using your Virekta Super Active for a number of months, I was so impressed with my results that I decided to become a Virekta distributor of yours. I have now been selling your products for over 6 months and on average I earn about R5,000 a month in my spare time. My biggest selling product is Virekta Super Active which my clients are most impressed with and they keep re-ordering. I also sell a lot of Virekta Plus and Virekta Enhance as well as Virekta(F) and Virekta(F) Super Active. It is very satisfying for me to know how many people have been helped by your products and the extra money I make allows me to buy the things I could not normally afford. Thank you!

Charles, Krugersdorp

Virekta TestoBoost dramatically increased my testosterone over a period of six months and at a cost  far less than testosterone injections would have been.

My urologist was amazed to see the increase of my testosterone without having monthly injections which cost over R1000 per injection. My libido and sex life have improved since the increase in my testosterone and I can highly recommend this product to any man suffering from a low testosterone level.

Have your doctor take a blood sample and send to off to a lab to see if your testosterone level is where it should be. A low testosterone level will have a very negative impact on your libido.

Johann, Bellville, Virekta TestoBoost

It is now six months that I have been taking Virekta TestoBoost every day and when I had a blood test taken the other day, my testosterone had gone up a lot. My libido has increased and whereas before I had very little interest in making love to my wife, I am now making love to her at least three times a week. My erections are strong and I am no longer suffering from ED. Thank you for recommending Virekta TestoBoost to me. It is exactly what I needed.

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Morris Sandton

My wife has been taking Maca daily for the past four months because of bad menopausal symptoms and a lack of libido. She now has far fewer hot flushes, sleeps better and does not have the mood swings she was suffering from. She says that she feels that her overall health has improved and intends to continue taking Maca every day. Maca truly is a superfood!

Click here to find out more about Maca.

Eric Krugersdorp

I am writing to thank you for your new product Virekta Mega Power which I have been using for the past 2 weeks. Over the years I have used many different pills for ED, but I can honestly say that this is by far the best product I have ever used. It worked quickly, gave me a fantastic erection which lasted for about half an hour and I did not suffer from any side effects. The following night, without taking another pill, I had no problems get a rock-hard erection. Thanks again for Virekta Mega Power, a truly a fantastic product!

Johan, Sandton

Since using your Virekta Mega Power pills my sex life has really taken off. Before my girlfriend and I would have sex once or twice a week and now it is nearly every night! I can last for over an hour and give my girlfriend multiple orgasms. Just to say thanks to you guys for a fantastic product!

Barry, Constantia

I never had any energy and always felt tired and exhausted. Also under a lot of stress at work and all this had a very bad effect on my sex life. Then some two months ago I started taking your Virekta Maca and Enviga MoodEnhance. I am like a new person now and am no longer tired and stressed. My sex life is now better than it has ever been before and my wife now has a permanent smile on her face. I am also taking your Virekta Blue tablets and this has improved my performance in bed by leaps and bounds.

Simon Port Elizabeth

My wife always complained about my lack of libido and my total disinterest in making love to her. Then she came across your website and order your VIREKTA LIBIDO COMBO. It is now four months that I have been taking it and I am not sure who is more surprised at the results: my wife or I. These pills have given me back the sexual desire I had when I was much younger and now we are making love three to four times a week, whereas before using your libido combo, it was about once or twice in a month. My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for giving us back our love life.

Gerrie, Centurion

I recently bought your VIREKTA DELAY COMBO as I suffered very badly from premature ejaculation and my wife always complained that she was left aroused but never satisfied. This was very frustrating for both of us and it reached the stage when my wife started hinting at having an affair. It was then that I decided to do something about this problem which I had suffered from for a few years. Your DELAY COMBO worked from the very first night, as I used the spray and was able to last for about 20 minutes and in that time my wife have about six orgasms. I take the two pills every day and apply the spray before sex. This is a powerful combination and has changed our love making sessions to something we both look forward to and enjoy. Many thanks for a wonderful product.

Jacques M. Centurion

It is now more than 5 months that I have been taking VIREKTA BLUE for my ED and I can honestly say that this is the best ED pill I have ever used. Over the years I have taken many different pills. Some worked and some didn’t and some of them had such bad side effects that I had to stop taking them. Incidentally I am 73 years old, but VIREKTA BLUE gives me the performance of a 23 year old. Don’t take my word for it! Just ask my wife. She is the lady who has a permanent smile on her face. Thank you for such a fantastic product.

Arnold J. Bloubergstrand

Just to let you know that I have been taking Virekta Mega Power for a few months and finally I have found a pill which has fixed my ED problem. I tried the prescription pills, but the side effects were worse than my ED problem. I don’t experience any side effects with Virekta Mega Power and I am now able to get a strong erection which lasts. I am very pleased with your product and your excellent service.

Matthew Roodepoort

Let me start by telling you that I am 68 and a diabetic, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Because of my age and chronic illnesses, I could no longer get a proper erection. This was until a few months ago when a friend of mine gave me two Virekta Mega Power pills to try. I took one pill before going to bed and that night for the first time in years I got a strong erection and my wife and I made love. It was as though a miracle had happened! Since then we have made love at least two to three times a week and we both feel 20 years younger. Thank you Herbal Remedies!

Bongani Soweto

I bought your Virekta ED Combo which I thought was excellent value for money and it gave me the opportunity to try your three different  erectile dysfunction pills. All of them worked very well, but the one that worked the best for me was the Virekta Blue. It gave me a strong erection and I did not suffer from any side effects which was often the problem with other pills I had tried. I have just placed an order for 40 Virekta Blue pills, as I do not want to be without them.

Jaco Bellville

At 48 I thought that my sex life had ended! I had no interest in sex and when my wife complained and we tried to make love, I couldn’t get a firm erection. It was only when my wife threatened to divorce me that I realised I needed to do something. I found your website on the internet and ordered VIREKTA ENHANCE and VIREKTA SUPER ACTIVE. It is now four months that I have been taking these remedies. I take one Virekta Enhance pill every day and one Virekta Super Active pill 30 minutes before love making. I have found my sexual desire again and my erections are like they were when I was in my twenties. Now we make love just about every night and there’s no longer any talk of divorce! Thank you for saving my marriage and re-igniting my sex drive!

Karen Stellenbosch

We were always fighting and arguing because I was never in the mood to make love with my husband. He even started joking that he was gong to have an affair. I don’t think it was really a joke. I think he was definitely considering it. My best friend told me about your website and I ordered your VIREKTA FEMALE COMBO as well as extra VIREKTA(F) SUPER ACTIVE pills and VIREKTA MACA. At first I did not notice much difference in my lack of sexual desire, but after about six weeks, I started feeling that I wanted to make love with my husband. He was bowled over when I told him. It is now about five months that I have been taking these pills and I think I must be the horniest woman in Stellenbosch. I just can’t get enough of it. Many a night my husband has the old headache story! I thought it was only women who used this excuse! Thanks a million for restoring my sex life!

Johnny, Umhlanga

Over the years I have tried just about every ED pill on the market and have been disappointed by most of them. But I was very happy with your Virekta Blue tablets. They gave me the strongest erections I have had in years! Even my wife remarked on the difference. I must thank you for an excellent product.

Mike, Kimberley

A friend of mine recommended your VIREKTA MEGA POWER pills as I have been suffering from ED for many years. I am now 73 years old and really battled to get a strong erection. This was until I used these POWER pills of yours. Now my wife and I are enjoying sex at least three times a week! I can’t remember when last we had such great sex. My wife now thinks I must be the best lover in the world!

Abraham, Burgersfort

Just to let you know that I have now been using your VIREKTA KGR 100 GOLD tablets for more than six months now and I have also been selling them to my friends. We all agree that this is the best erection pill we have ever used. I am not a young man anymore as I am now 63, but my performance in bed is like it was when I was in my twenties! My girlfriend is a very happy woman now that I am able to satisfy her for at least four nights every week. I get similar reports from my friends who are using these KGR 100 Gold pills.

Best pills ever!

I have tried some of Herbal Remedies pills before and it works great. Huge hard erections when I wanted it. A friend gave me some as a gift recently. Got my rock hard erections back as before. I will definitely be ordering from you again!

Leon Marais

All over the world, millions of men and women experience low points in their sex lives – we are here to remedy such situations. Issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sex drives have formed the basis of our research for many years. We have developed and tested (amongst some very satisfied clients) all of our products and assure you that every little pill we produce is effective. Read the testimonials of satisfied customers. Herbal Remedies Testimonials.

Virekta libido and mood enhancing products for men and women are natural,herbal products which do not require a doctor’s prescription. Our products are manufactured in a GMP licensed facility to the highest international pharmaceutical standards using the most modern and up to date manufacturing technologies. Virekta products conform to the standards of both EU as well as the FDA in the United States. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and the service to our clients.

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