Virekta Plus - Male Libido Enhancer

Virekta Plus - Male Libido Enhancer
100% Money Back Guarantee
(ZAR 430.00) (60 Capsules)

What is a sex life without confidence, charisma and satisfaction? If you feel that your bedroom antics are lacking any of these things, Virekta Plus Male Libido Enhancer is exactly what you need. Experience more frequent, firmer, longer erections with these herbal capsules. Highly recommended by members of the medical profession.


63% Increase in ability to maintain an erection

59% Increase in ability to penetrate partner

32% Increase in frequency & quality of orgasms

74% Increase in sexual & intercourse satisfaction

48% Increase in sex drive & desire

62% Increase in overall sexual satisfaction

Your partner will feel closer to, and more comfortable with you once you exude the characteristics of a Virekta man. The herbs used in the Virekta Plus Male Libido Enhancer have been relied on for thousands of years, but have only recently become backed up by scientific research. Men who have encountered problems  in their sexual experiences have, so far, achieved amazing results with this product.

Virekta Plus is a 100% herbal remedy which does not contain any chemical sustances whatsovever and it has been developed over a number of years to give you permanent, long-term benefits. Our clients' experience has shown that provided you take Virekta Plus daily for at least 90 days, this can result in the overcoming of problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The key ingredients are: Eurycomia Longifolia, Flos Carthami, Rhizoma Cucurmae, Gingko Biloba, Epimedium Sagittum (Horny goat weed), Herba Cistanches, Astragalus Membranaceus, Momordica Charantia and Bioperine.

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ONE MONTH SUPPLY                          R430.00                     Cost per month is  R430,00
TWO MONTH SUPPLY: R774.00 Cost per month is R387.00 
THREE MONTH SUPPLY: R1,096.50 Cost per month is R365.50
FOUR MONTH SUPPLY: R1,376.00 Cost per month is R344.00
FIVE MONTH SUPPLY: R1,612.50 Cost per month is R322.50

Cost per month is R301.00

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