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Super Strength, Natural Male & Female Libido and Mood Enhancing Products

Virekta libido and mood enhancing products for men and women are natural, herbal products which do not require a doctor’s prescription. Our products are manufactured in a GMP licensed facility to the highest international pharmaceutical standards using the most modern and up to date manufacturing technologies. Virekta products conform to the standards of both the EU as well as the FDA in the United States. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and the service to our clients.

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Best Natural Male Libido Enhancer on The South African Market

In an independent survey conducted by a reputable South African market research company in May, 2014 over 3000 men between the ages of 45 and 70, who have used a Virekta product and AT LEAST 5 other natural libido enhancers were asked which product in their experience was the best on the South African market. A massive 65% chose Virekta and the remaining 35% chose one of the other 5 or more products they had used. The product which was rated second only scored 9% even though as many participants had used this product when compared to the number of Virekta users. The participants were not aware on whose behalf the survey was being conducted and they were not offered anything for their participation in the survey.
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Matthew, Roodepoort

“Let me start by telling you that I am 68 and a diabetic, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Because of my age and chronic illnesses, I could no longer get a proper erection. This was until a few months ago when a friend of mine gave me two Virekta Mega Power pills to try. I took one pill before going to bed and that night for the first time in years I got a strong erection and my wife and I made love. It was as though a miracle had happened! Since then we have made love at least two to three times a week and we both feel 20 years younger. Thank you Herbal Remedies!”

Arnold J. Bloubergstrand

“Just to let you know that I have been taking Virekta Mega Power for a few months and finally I have found a pill which has fixed my ED problem. I tried the prescription pills, but the side effects were worse than my ED problem. I don’t experience any side effects with Virekta Mega Power and I am now able to get a strong erection which lasts. I am very pleased with your product and your excellent service.”

Dr. Johan Rademeyer MBChB

“I would like to let you know that it is now more than five years that I have been recommending your products to both my male and female patients. The feedback I have had from them has convinced me that your natural, herbal remedies are a safer alternative to the chemical drugs which most doctors seem to prescribe. My patients never complain of side effects and they are more than happy with the results.”

Johann, Bellville, Virekta TestoBoost

“It is now six months that I have been taking Virekta TestoBoost every day and when I had a blood test taken the other day, my testosterone had gone up a lot. My libido has increased and whereas before I had very little interest in making love to my wife, I am now making love to her at least three times a week. My erections are strong and I am no longer suffering from ED. Thank you for recommending Virekta TestoBoost to me. It is exactly what I needed.”

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Dr Peter Edwards MBChB

Virekta is far cheaper when compared with well known prescription drugs. I only recommend Virekta to my male patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Virekta is far cheaper when compared with the prices of the well known prescription drugs and my patients have found it to be as effective. They don’t complain of the side effects experienced with the prescribed pills. I have now recommended Virekta to well over 100 of my male patients and the feedback I have had from them is that they are very satisfied with the results and will continue to use Virekta.”

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Herbal Remedies International has developed super strength supplements that increase sex drive and put an end to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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